Thursday, 23 August 2012

Out and about


Or uncropped?

The deep.

Pedestrian walkway. 

Pedestrian walkway B&W.

Follow the yellow brick road, except, it's not yellow.

Out and about - Kingston upon Hull.

Hello ladies and gents! I thought I would post something a bit different to my usual portrait work. Here are a few photographs from around the city of Hull. As you can see, I've not had as much practise at landscapes, as I have with portraits, but I hope you still enjoy the images. In these photographs I have tried to generate a sense of depth. In the photographs of the pedestrian walkway I have tried to use the lines of the railings to draw the eye into the background. I feel this is a key element when trying to shoot landscapes, you need something to draw you in and add depth to the image. This can be done through 'lines' bringing you into the image like I have done here, or some kind of foreground interest. You should always include one or the other, or you may end up with a flat looking image!

I have recently set up a Facebook page for my photography, if you guys could get on it and boost those likes it would be fantastic!

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