Saturday, 28 July 2012

East Park

Through the Willow.
Daydream Believer.
At water's edge.
Awkwardly awkward. 
At water's edge 2.


Magical BW.
This is me.
Khyber Pass.
Khyber Pass BW.
Khyber Pass 2.
Khyber Pass 2 BW.
Khyber Pass 3.
Khyber Pass 3 BW.
Khyber Pass 4.

East Park

This shoot was located in East Park, Hull. I used my Nikon D80 (Perhaps a bit outdated now but it is still a great camera) with the kits lens 18mm-135mm. I've tried to include a few different styles and angles with these set of photographs, mainly the black and white images. I couldn't decide if I preferred some of the images in colour or monochrome so I decided to share all of them with you guys! I was really happy with this set of images, I feel like I can see my own work improving from looking earlier on in my blog.

I think I may have also found my niché! I feel like my portrait photographs are my strongest work, perhaps it is from the assistance of the models I have worked with or just an ability to connect with people through the camera.

Anyway, hope you liked the photographs guys, until next time.


Thursday, 26 July 2012

Prudish? I think not!

B&W Flower.
Pink Flower (Colourised through hue).
Queens garden.
The Sun, night time style.
Ray Ban.

Out and about.

Hey guys, not much to say for this post. I've just been out and about with this good weather we've been having. I do have a comical story surrounding the photograph of the Ray Bans. WARNING! READ NO FURTHER IF YOU ARE FEELING PRUDISH. Whilst at Pearson Park in Hull taking a few photographs, I noticed something quite obscure and quite explicit. In the centre of the park there was a 'couple' getting down to all sorts in broad daylight (when I say getting down... I mean going down...) with hundred of people surrounding them, including minors. I have nothing against public affection but certain stuff should be kept in the bedroom if you get my drift! Unfortunately for you guys I did not take any photographs on this occasion, I was too busy picking my mouth off the floor!  So that's it for now guys, I should have an interesting shoot coming up soon if all goes to plan, so stay tuned!

Until next time, Adiós!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Boynton. Another adventure.

Why watch television when you can observe the world?

Vintage America.

Boynton Field.

Boynton Field with shallow depth of field.

Charlotte made a friend.

Paper Crane.

The girl who got lost in the woods.

Wherever she will go, he will always follow.

Horses at sunset.

Out of the darkness.


So on Wednesday I popped up to Boynton, a small village just outside of Bridlington. I managed to get quite a few photographs but I consider these ones the best. I feel they tell a story a more than the others. I especially like the second one I have posted in this blog, I think it has a fashion element to it. Unfortunately my camera has been on the blitz again...sad face indeed, but, with a little touching up on Photoshop I think I managed to save and edit a lot of the photographs into good images. So I guess my moral for this the story  is to always keep your photos even if it doesn't look good on your camera display... you might have something good to work with back at home!

Check out the blogs of the people featured in my photographs!

Until next time guys! Adiós!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A day in the wilderness

Algal Blooms.
Me caught in the action.
Lagoon view from a hide.
Jessica in the natural light 1.
Jessica in the natural light 2.
Cow 1.
Cow 2.
Beverley's minister 1.
Beverly's minister 2.

Tophill Low Nature Reserve and Beverley

Hello again! With the rare occasion of the good weather we had on Sunday I thought I should make the most of it. So once I had finished work I headed up to Tophill Low, Driffield (a relatively local nature reserve). I recommend it if anyone just wants a nice stroll, extremely beautiful area.

I think I managed to get a couple of decent shots, but,  I made the mistake of only taking a kit lens, which was fine for all the landscapes and your standard photographs. However, not having that macro lens really let me down, so many beautiful bugs and birds to shoot and no means to do so! Lesson learnt. Always take your basic equipment, couple of lenses to cover all possible subjects and of course a tripod! You never know when you might need one.

In one of the wildlife hives I entered, a guy had been sitting there for 5 hours waiting to get a shot of a kingfisher.  Dedication. If you are going to get into wildlife photography make sure you love nature....and have a lot of patience. But don't be put off by that, everyone should give it a try, I personally feel it is one of the most beautiful and challenging forms of photography. How do you know if you like it or not if you have never tried it?

Until next time guys! Adiós!

Wildlife Photographers: Andy Rouse and Guy Edwardes.

Monday, 9 July 2012

The Humber Estuary.

Old windmill near the Humber Bridge.
Stoney Shore.
The Bridge.
The Bridge. Take two.
Ship on the estuary.

The Humber Estuary.

So last night I popped out with the Mrs to the Humber Estuary to see if I could get any decent photos of the bridge at sunset.  I'm pretty happy with the photographs I captured but perhaps next time I'll wait around a bit longer for it to get darker. I think my next mission is to capture a foreshore area with a long shutter speed so I get that movement effect from the body of water.

I chose to shoot at the estuary because it is such an important landmark to the surrounding area. It has been used for shipping for decades. Ports along the Humber include, Kingston upon Hull, Grimsby, Immingham and Killingholme. Although the Humber is only an estuary in today's world, in past ice ages when sea levels were much lower, the estuary had a long freshwater course, it flowed across where the North Sea is now. Just a little bit of history there, sorry, I couldn't resist! Sometimes I feel like it makes it more worth while photographing something if you know it's history, it gives it a little more significance. 

Until next time guys! Adiós!