Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Masks & Spiral Staircases

Masks & Spiral Staircases

Hey again guys, back to some portraiture as you can probably see! This is a shoot of my dear friend Charlotte. Charlotte is a fellow artist and studies Graphic Design. This shoot wasn't particularly well planned but I think we got some good shots. She is definitely a bit of a natural cough cough *poser* ;). I ended up trying to go for a grungy kind of theme with this set of photographs, this is why most of the images are in black and white; as I feel it adds to the atmosphere. I have included the colour versions so you can see the difference yourselves.  

I guess the message for this post is to always experiment and just have fun with your friends you never know what results you may get. If you like what you shoot or find a good idea, you can always plan and revisit! 

Just on a side note, the university year is about to begin. For the following year I shall be President of the Photography Society at the University of Hull. Please show support for the group on the following links:

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