Sunday, 28 April 2013

Dance Show 2013

Dance Show 2013

Hull University's Dance Society (HUDS)

Last Sunday I photographed the Dance Society's show. It was an amazing performance and money was raised for charity. The dancers did an excellent job. 

Dance shows can be difficult to shoot, the lighting is always changing and it wasn't the brightest either. Nonetheless, I tried to avoid high ISO when possible and still capture the image with a faster shutter speed when it suited. This is my second time shooting the dance show and I wanted to try and capture a lot more close ups than previously. I used my 55-300mm Nikkor lens and made use of the autofocus feature!I didn't want to miss-focus any opportunities or expressions but unfortunately, as photographers, we always make a few mistakes. 

Overall, I enjoyed shooting the event, hopefully, I will get the opportunity again. These are only a few of the photographs but I hope you like them!


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