Monday, 1 April 2013

Berlin: Take 3

Messages left by the Russians after taking the Reichstag on the 2nd of May 1945.

Berlin: Take 3

Here are my final few photographs I am going to put up from the Berlin trip. There is no real theme to all the photographs just certain ones I wanted to share. For example, the photographs of one of my fellow officer cadets. I thought they were quite characteristic and definitely capture what my 50mm lens was purchased for!

The top two images are from on top of the Reichstag in Berlin, surprisingly they were taken on my phone and turned out really well! Good old Samsung Galaxy. 

Unfortunately I don't think I will be going anywhere exciting soon, but, I am covering a dance show in a few weeks time so I will have photographs from that to put up! Hopefully I will be able to get a big collection of decent shots. I've been looking at purchasing a new Nikon lens recently (55mm-200mm), but for the same price I can get a Sigma or Tamron lens which goes up to 300mm! Decisions decisions! 

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