Friday, 12 October 2012

A night at the fair



I realise this one is a bit over-exposed. I choose to put it on my blog because it re-creates the bright atmosphere from the fair. I also think it relates to how you might of seen a merry go round as a child, the over exposed ride symbolises a holy-grail for children.

This was too cute to leave out!

Matthew with his companion.

Me (Left) and Matthew (Right) in our Parkas.

A night at the fair.

I realise this is probably moving away from a photographic focus and more onto my own life, but I thought I would give you a glimpse into my life, as a (very) amateur photographer. The Hull Fair was an awesome location to get a few snaps, so as well as having a night out with friends, I thought I would bring my camera along too! Just a word of warning though, if you are ever planning on going to a location with big crowds it's always good to have a few friends with you. If you have ever been to Hull, you will know there are a few 'roughiens' about. Just be smart and keep your wits about you in crowded places! 

I did take my tripod with me, but I ended up shooting a lot of stuff free-hand for sake of ease. For the majority of photographs I had to drop down to a shutter speed of 1/60 and use an ISO of 800. 

Throughout taking the images I was just thinking to myself, how much better would this be if it was abandoned and aged! Perhaps I will be able to find an abandoned fair one day. In regards to the merry go round photographs, I was waiting ages for somebody to get on it so it would go round. I wanted to take a slower shutter speed shot of it, but unfortunately missed my opportunity! Kids these days must not like merry go rounds - the plastic horses are pretty creepy. 

The night wasn't all about photography though, I managed to get a whopping bruise on my knee from the dodgems (my favourite ride!), and some delicious apple flavoured sweets. 
I hope you liked the photographs.