Monday, 29 October 2012

Comic Con

Storm troopers taking control of the situation.

The Sand People!

Jess getting into gaming!




Friendly conversation between some well suited men.


Weapon Stall!

Deadpool - Stick 'em up.

Cool Cats.

Comic Con

Last Friday, I headed to the ExCel in London to experience Comic Con for the first time! It was a pretty interesting experience and it was amazing to see how much effort some people had gone to. A girl was even dressed as Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones... that was, pretty eye catching (Sorry Jess). 

The main reason I got myself down to Comic Con was to see Matt Smith, I'm a big Doctor Who fan! Unfortunately I didn't get into the signing queue (places were limited), but I did get to see him in the flesh - still pretty epic. 

I captured a few of the outfits people were wearing through the day, but, these images don't even cover the magnitude of the attire. I think I will revisit again next year and try to get big group photographs and people acting in their character roles. 

I loved the candid atmosphere on the day, the photograph I got of the Storm Troopers talking to the Cyber-man just made my day. I think Storm Troopers are such an icon and therefore incredibly photogenic. I'm not one for pushing my own opinion on others, but, if you don't believe me, you should check out C├ędric Delsaux's work! After I took the photograph of the three suited men, the Cyber-man marched at me... not going to lie, it was pretty intimidating. 

Apologies for another 'day in the life of Lewis Jones', but I just felt like blogging to be honest! I will have another post next week showing some of my 'actual work'. On Sunday, I did a fashion shoot with Annie, modelling one of Jones and Jones's new dresses. Just waiting for the thumbs up from J&J and I can get the photographs live!

Trying to push my FB page at the minute guys, so would be awesome if you could 'like' me on that, gee that sounds desperate! Damn FB terminology.

See you soon,

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