Saturday, 10 November 2012


Free alcohol! Student's best friend... A photographer's worst nightmare when trying to focus!

Heattech revolving display.

Ladies sweaters.

Gundam Wing; brings back some memories!

Mannequin display 1.

Mannequin Display 2.

Vogue always bring the art out in fashion.

Depth of field... or just tipsy?

Pixie Geldof 1.

Pixie Geldof 2.

Pixie Geldof 3.

Pixie Geldof 4.

Is it Christmas yet!?

Dominating the frame.

This is Annie and Laurence Kemball-Cook (CEO of Pavegen)


On Thursday night I attended Uniqlo's relaunch of their 'Heattech' line. It was quite an interesting night, for one, it was my first time covering an event. This was kind of a totally new experience for me. I went from giving directions to people  of how to pose, to just capturing people in a natural environment. Now, I'm not sure if this is a harder kind of photography or I've just had more practise at what I'm used to.  Regardless to say, you fade into the shadows. 

Either way, I managed to get some portrait shots of Pixie Geldof. I had never heard her sing before, but soon got the liberty, her voice is amazing.

I bought a diffuser especially for the event, but I found the shots were I didn't use it, actually turned out better. So I would say try with and without whenever you are shooting. Obviously just bare in mind, you don't want to blind your subject! 

I met the CEO of Pavegen whilst at Uniqlo, they engineer tiles/pavement slabs which generate energy when you stand on them (convert kinetic energy into electrical). I think it's a pretty awesome idea being a geography student and all that!  I always like to hear fresh ideas for renewable energy. 

I've got something a little different to usual in a couple of days! Managed to finally get round to a shoot I've wanted to do for a while. 

I'm shooting tomorrow at my UOTC Remembrance Parade. Hopefully I'll get some decent images as my way of paying respect to those who fought and lost their lives to protect this country. England would definitely be a different place if it wasn't for them, and not for the better!


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