Monday, 5 November 2012

Jones and Jones

And a little bit of architecture to top it off!

Jones and Jones

Hello guys, these photographs are from a shoot I did with Annie for the fashion company ‘Jones and Jones’. I've had the photographs processed for a while but I was waiting for JJ to get the images up on their website before I put them up on my blog! You should check out their website or my featured page to see it!

The shoot was conducted in Trafalgar Square/Horse Guards Parade, London. It was my first time of shooting in front of so many people, but I got over it, and just got on with it. Someone even photographed me photographing Annie; they must have thought we were famous!

The main point of the shoot was to show off all the different elements of the dress. First of all, I made sure I had a full length shot from the front and back, and one focusing on the detail of the dress. After this I just played around with different scenery and lighting set-up. I decided to take the shots on the memorial monument as I thought the khaki military theme dress fitted well with the poppies in the background.

I really do love fashion and portrait photography, more than any other element. If anyone is interested in having a shoot sometime (and is in the Hull vicinity), just drop me a message on twitter (@LewisAlanJones). I am busy a lot of the time but I'm sure we could work something out! It would be great experience for me, I'm only used to photographing people I am close too, so it would help my confidence grow!

All the best,

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