Sunday, 20 January 2013

50mm Nikkor AF Lens

Nikon's Nikkor 50mm AF Lens

Well, I finally treated myself to a new lens after putting up with my faulty one for months. The Nikkor 50mm costs only £85.82 on Amazon, which is a lot better value than other retailers. Being a value lens, it goes without saying that there is better quality lenses out there. However, not everybody has the money to invest in such luxuries (me, being one of them!). You probably noticed from my blog, portraits is my preferred area of photography, and the 50mm is great for it! The only problem I have found so far is, it is very easy to focus on just one eye or just the nose and leave the eyes unfocused (depending how you're shooting). Obviously, this is not really a fault with the lens, but if you find it difficult to focus manually or are a first time prime lens user you may have some problems (solution: just increase that f/number!). The lens does have a brilliant Auto-Focus, which is great for those low light conditions, so you can steer away from manual-focus if you do struggle. 

I hope you like the photographs I have put up, they're just a few from testing out the lens. Hopefully, I'll have some more for you soon! 


P.S. I'm not working on commission! But, I wish I was! 


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