Monday, 21 January 2013


Science Museum

Not strictly my usual post about photography, I know, but the Science Museum in London is amazing, along with the Natural History Museum. I think it's important for any aspiring artists, photographers and designers to visit museums, galleries, and to trawl through books/magazines to influence their work and kick-start ideas. Gledd once lent me a book which essentially accused all artists of being thieves! But on further reading, it just highlighted the fact, that no idea is original and is sourced from some area of life. Which, after consideration, many of my past shoots have been influenced from other's work, literature I have read or even the odd dream. So, in future, why not carry a note-book around with you and write down any ideas as soon as you get them. Whether it be from birds singing in the trees, to the public's facial expression after getting a bit wet by a passing bus driving through a puddle. 

The Science Museum itself is quite a day out. You can photograph stuff you would not otherwise get the chance to. The museum also offers tours, there is one known as the 'Cockroach Tour' to my discovery, along with my disturbance and... slight amusement. In the tour, you are given a kind-of cockroach fancy dress outfit to wear around the museum, whilst the charismatic guide with all his enthusiasm shows you around. It seemed a fun way of touring the museum, but not for the faint-hearted! I personally prefer to wander around on my own free-will, but that's just me. 

I would usually say here, "I hope you liked the photographs". But not this blog post! I hope instead that the images can prove to be some mojo for kick-starting those great ideas. I know they have for me, especially the Jars of Fear.

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P.S. Floating globes are awesome!


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