Saturday, 30 March 2013



Here are a few more photographs from Berlin. The first two are from a Mercedes showroom in central Berlin and the others are military vehicles at the Seelow Heights Museum. I grouped these photographs from the trip together to show how one thing, like vehicles, can be utilized for different end results. Take the Mercedes for example, it was a sports model designed for leisure and to put a smile on the owner's face. Whereas the military vehicles can be seen to do quite the opposite. Tanks, punching through the enemies line, taking lives and destroying whatever may stand in its path. Unfortunately, like many innovations and inventions in the world, some will be used for good measures and others not so much. War between nations seems to have been a great motivator for science and technological developments. Take the Cold War for example, America endorsed so much money into bathymetry to help locate Russian sub-marines. It is only because of this we understand sea floor spreading and oceanic plate faults to the extent we do. It's a shame it  sometimes takes conflict to get us there, but, hey-ho! That's enough with me being deep and philosophical.

Hope you liked the photographs!


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