Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A day in the wilderness

Algal Blooms.
Me caught in the action.
Lagoon view from a hide.
Jessica in the natural light 1.
Jessica in the natural light 2.
Cow 1.
Cow 2.
Beverley's minister 1.
Beverly's minister 2.

Tophill Low Nature Reserve and Beverley

Hello again! With the rare occasion of the good weather we had on Sunday I thought I should make the most of it. So once I had finished work I headed up to Tophill Low, Driffield (a relatively local nature reserve). I recommend it if anyone just wants a nice stroll, extremely beautiful area.

I think I managed to get a couple of decent shots, but,  I made the mistake of only taking a kit lens, which was fine for all the landscapes and your standard photographs. However, not having that macro lens really let me down, so many beautiful bugs and birds to shoot and no means to do so! Lesson learnt. Always take your basic equipment, couple of lenses to cover all possible subjects and of course a tripod! You never know when you might need one.

In one of the wildlife hives I entered, a guy had been sitting there for 5 hours waiting to get a shot of a kingfisher.  Dedication. If you are going to get into wildlife photography make sure you love nature....and have a lot of patience. But don't be put off by that, everyone should give it a try, I personally feel it is one of the most beautiful and challenging forms of photography. How do you know if you like it or not if you have never tried it?

Until next time guys! Adiós!

Wildlife Photographers: Andy Rouse and Guy Edwardes.

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