Saturday, 28 July 2012

East Park

Through the Willow.
Daydream Believer.
At water's edge.
Awkwardly awkward. 
At water's edge 2.


Magical BW.
This is me.
Khyber Pass.
Khyber Pass BW.
Khyber Pass 2.
Khyber Pass 2 BW.
Khyber Pass 3.
Khyber Pass 3 BW.
Khyber Pass 4.

East Park

This shoot was located in East Park, Hull. I used my Nikon D80 (Perhaps a bit outdated now but it is still a great camera) with the kits lens 18mm-135mm. I've tried to include a few different styles and angles with these set of photographs, mainly the black and white images. I couldn't decide if I preferred some of the images in colour or monochrome so I decided to share all of them with you guys! I was really happy with this set of images, I feel like I can see my own work improving from looking earlier on in my blog.

I think I may have also found my niché! I feel like my portrait photographs are my strongest work, perhaps it is from the assistance of the models I have worked with or just an ability to connect with people through the camera.

Anyway, hope you liked the photographs guys, until next time.


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