Friday, 20 July 2012

Boynton. Another adventure.

Why watch television when you can observe the world?

Vintage America.

Boynton Field.

Boynton Field with shallow depth of field.

Charlotte made a friend.

Paper Crane.

The girl who got lost in the woods.

Wherever she will go, he will always follow.

Horses at sunset.

Out of the darkness.


So on Wednesday I popped up to Boynton, a small village just outside of Bridlington. I managed to get quite a few photographs but I consider these ones the best. I feel they tell a story a more than the others. I especially like the second one I have posted in this blog, I think it has a fashion element to it. Unfortunately my camera has been on the blitz again...sad face indeed, but, with a little touching up on Photoshop I think I managed to save and edit a lot of the photographs into good images. So I guess my moral for this the story  is to always keep your photos even if it doesn't look good on your camera display... you might have something good to work with back at home!

Check out the blogs of the people featured in my photographs!

Until next time guys! AdiĆ³s!

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