Thursday, 26 July 2012

Prudish? I think not!

B&W Flower.
Pink Flower (Colourised through hue).
Queens garden.
The Sun, night time style.
Ray Ban.

Out and about.

Hey guys, not much to say for this post. I've just been out and about with this good weather we've been having. I do have a comical story surrounding the photograph of the Ray Bans. WARNING! READ NO FURTHER IF YOU ARE FEELING PRUDISH. Whilst at Pearson Park in Hull taking a few photographs, I noticed something quite obscure and quite explicit. In the centre of the park there was a 'couple' getting down to all sorts in broad daylight (when I say getting down... I mean going down...) with hundred of people surrounding them, including minors. I have nothing against public affection but certain stuff should be kept in the bedroom if you get my drift! Unfortunately for you guys I did not take any photographs on this occasion, I was too busy picking my mouth off the floor!  So that's it for now guys, I should have an interesting shoot coming up soon if all goes to plan, so stay tuned!

Until next time, AdiĆ³s!

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