Sunday, 17 March 2013

Almería Field Trip

Almería, Spain - Geography Field Trip

Last week I went on a field trip to Almería with my University. These are just a few of the photographs I took whilst there. Usually the best thing about going to places like this is the photographic opportunities. However, it was a great time to get to know people on my course a little better! A big thank-you to them for making the week so fun. 

Anyways, back to the the photography. Almería has a huge range of landscapes, with it's most famous being its Badlands. A number of films have been shot in the Badlands, including Indiana Jones - The Last Crusade (one of my all time favourites!). The area also offers photo opportunities in cave systems, urban architecture as well as Spanish culture. 

Our field work for the trip included water quality, sedimentary logging, topographic transecting and much more (like drinking!). We had an excellent guide for the trip, a local who spoke brilliant English and knew the area excellently. You can find  his contact info on his facebook page; linked in here. 

During the last field day we stumbled across this little guy; A Wolf Spider.

On the last day, we also bumped into something a little less frightening than a Wolf Spider.


The group decided to call him Kevin! The little guy followed us everywhere, even when we were leaving on the bus, the little guy almost got ran over! 

Anyway, to wrap up this long post, I had a pretty awesome week and have major Almería blues. The area is great for getting a range in different types of photographs, whether it be architecture, landscapes or Spanish Culture. Thank you to all the staff that ran the trip and to Jésus and my class mates.


I thought this photograph was like Spain's version of the traditional Windows XP background!

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