Thursday, 21 March 2013

Coincidental London

Connor thought it was funny that he had caught my bad side, I think this is sufficient revenge!
Came across this in Soho, definitely learn something new everyday!

Couldn't resist a snap of the red telephone boxes!

Coincidental London

As mentioned in my previous post, me and a couple of members from the Photography Society explored London for the day to see what shots we could get. I was most pleased with my results from the London Eye (previous post) but here are a couple more of my favourite shots. 

Tomorrow I set off for Berlin with LUOTC which is going to be pretty awesome. I am the designated photographer for the trip, and as seen as I have never been before you know I am bound to take lots of photographs (two birds, one stone and all that!).

From my experience on Thursday, London seems to be never ending with photographic opportunities. There is so much to offer in terms of architecture, heritage and general culture.

During the day I only used a 50mm Nikkor Lens, but recently I have been looking at acquiring some new lenses. I’d quite like to start getting into a bit of wildlife photography, and a telephoto lens would definitely come in handy for some candid portraits of people to!

Anyways, I best start packing for Berlin! This Easter has been crazy for travelling so far!


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