Saturday, 17 August 2013

Day 2 - Within a Book


Geometric Distortion

Perspective Distortion

Day 2 - Within a Book

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening, for whenever you are reading! Here is my 'Day 2' photograph for the daily challenge. You'll notice there is actually three photographs as I wanted to show you some quick things you can do on Photoshop, which in turn, can drastically change your image.

So, I still know a lot of photographers who disagree with heavy photoshopping, but, in my eyes it's just a part of photography now. In fact, editing your images has always been  a part of photography even when the darkroom was in its prime; dodging/burning, reversals, warping, you name it!

Down to business then. The second and third photographs all come from the same source file (the first photograph), but have been manipulated using the 'Lens Correction' feature . This tool in Photoshop is really effective in showing you as a photographer, what might  work better in future when you are out photographing. The 'Lens Correction' feature can be found under the 'Filter' menu in Photoshop. As soon as you open 'Lens Correction', a menu will pop up, click on custom and adjust as you wish.

'Geometric Distortion' gives it a kind of fish eye look. Using the 'Transform' function, you can change the perspective of the photograph. I find the Vignette tool quite helpful as well. It darkens or lightens the corner of your images putting more focus on the centre of your photograph.

As previously mentioned, I feel 'Lens Correction' is a powerful lesson for aspiring photographers because it allows you to see which perspectives might work better when photographing and where lens choice like a fish-eye might be an excellent choice.

Anyways, thanks for reading! Hope this little 'tutorial' helps, if you get any decent results, I'd love to see! 

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