Friday, 9 August 2013

When Photographers Get Bored


Look closely!

When Photographers Get Bored.

Today has been a pretty groggy day for me after going out to a club called [W]elly last night. So today, I've pretty much 'monged' out, and played around on Photoshop  Unfortunately, I don't have a great deal of friends around at the minute in Hull as they are still away for summer. Hopefully, when they get back in September I can steal them as models! That said, I have an idea which may actually require a 'model' for, as slight nudity is needed for the finished result. OK OK, now I feel like I have to explain myself. Basically, the idea is to pour body paint on a nude model and then remove the actual model in Photoshop so it's just the body paint left in thin air, showing the models shape and pose. Technically, you won't see any nudity! That's probably the best I can explain it, maybe I'll draw you a representation once I get all my materials together again.


Hope you managed to find Wally!


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